Depression Treatment Windsor Psychologist

Depression, is it the way we think or our brain chemistry?

As a Psychologist working within the NHS, I have helped many people with depression over the years.  In working psychotherapeutically with people I have largely used cognitive behavioural therapy, an approach that aims to help people think about events in more helpful ways and abandon an invariably pessimistic style of thinking in favour of a […]


Can you Control what you Eat?

Are some of us hardwired to eat too much? It’s difficult to pick up a newspaper or magazine without seeing an article about obesity or a contribution to the debate about what food is good or bad for us.  We seem to be overwhelmed with programmes about the 5:2 Fast, Atkins, Cambridge or some other […]


Procrastination – I’ll do that in a minute…

I’m writing this post after the first sunny weekend of the year and as I look out of my study window my mind is contemplating the days of work that I’m going to have to undertake to get the garden back into shape after a horrible winter.  Perhaps unsurprisingly I didn’t spend the pleasant weekend […]