How Simon overcame his Fear of Flying

Professional help for Fear of Flying Many of us find flying an uncomfortable, but necessary part of a holiday or business trip.  However, some people have come to dread flying and as a consequence avoid overseas holidays, often to the disappointment of their family, and any jobs that might involve travelling overseas. Fortunately effective help […]


Help for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Have I got OCD? Helen*  came to see me because worries about everyday items of food being contaminated were interfering with her ability to enjoy life and she wanted help for what she thought might be OCD.  She explained that her difficulties started 6 years earlier whilst she was pregnant with her first child. She […]


Help for Poor Self-Esteem and Assertiveness

Feeling Unhappy with Life I have often worked with people who whilst generally coping well with their lives, feel unhappy or unfulfilled and feel that something is lacking.  Generally these clients don’t have a diagnosable mental health problem, though will often disclose that they consider themselves to be “worriers” and “too sensitive for my own […]