About – Dr William Trebinski

Dr William Trebinski-Chartered Psychologist

Dr William Trebinski - Chartered Psychologist

William is an experienced Chartered Psychologist adept at helping clients achieve meaningful improvement to the quality of their lives.

As a psychologist, he is trained in a variety of techniques including counseling, cognitive behavioural therapy, clinical hypnosis, psychometric assessment and organizational dynamics. Based upon a client’s needs, wishes and expectations he will employ a number of these techniques as necessary to help the client reach their goals.

Often clients that come to William are unhappy with some aspect of their lives, struggling with a decision or experiencing problems with stress/anxiety and low mood. William helps them to identify and implement the appropriate changes to their life that will enable them to move forward in a healthier and more balanced way.

One of the benefits of working with a qualified psychologist is their in-depth understanding of human emotions and behaviors and their training in a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques.  They are able to draw upon this knowledge to collaboratively develop a shared understanding of a client’s life and difficulties with a view to agreeing an intervention that is most likely to bring the benefits the client desires.

Before training as a psychologist William had a career in electronics and the software Industry.  Initially trained and qualifying as a chartered engineer he undertook further training in business and marketing and has worked in a variety of roles including research, development, marketing and general management.  William has managed technology businesses in both the UK and Britain and has personal experience of the challenges facing individuals working in companies that have been acquired by larger corporations.  He is also conscious of the challenges facing people who have to relocate and live overseas having personally experienced how this can be emotionally challenging, whilst at the same time exciting. 

William has worked within the NHS for the last decade and in addition to working with private clients is still employed within Berkshire NHS as a senior psychologist.


Dr William Trebinski
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